Episode 46 - Pre-Holiday Show by jean-francois dubeau

... that gets posted post holidays.

Paul and JF set goals and aspirations for 2018 before the holidays hit hard. There's a lot to take care of in the upcoming year but if even half of it happens, it'll be a productive one.

What do you have in store for 2018 as writing goals? 

Episode 44 - Breaking the Silence by jean-francois dubeau

Hey... this thing on? Hello?

I don't know what to tell you people, but, JF and Paul are back? After a long hiatus, you demo-dynamic duo has returned to talk about... huh... let me check my notes. Says 'books' here. So I guess they're going to talk about books.

But first, a quick bunch of excuses... err... I mean, a quick explanation as to the hiatus!

Episode 42 - On Characters: Part 1 by jean-francois dubeau

JF has been sitting on this episode for a couple of weeks. Finally getting off his ass to post it, this 'gem' is all about characters. The boys didn't realize going in how ambitious of a subject it would be to tackle. It will definitely require another episode and perhaps even more. Maybe a guest will be necessary to finalize this one.

Episode 40 - Edit this! by jean-francois dubeau

JF and Paul talk about their experiences with the editing process and give their impressions of what it means to edit a book, from the self editing stage all the way to copy edits.

Feel free to chime in with your own experiences and let us know how you go about editing your books.

Episode 39 - Amy Landon by jean-francois dubeau

Every wondered where Audiobooks come from? Well when a daddy Audiobook and a mommy Audiobook love each other very much...

...nothing happens. These are inanimate objects.

To get an Audiobook you need an actor and a producer and all sorts of stuff that the boys don't understand. Thankfully, actress Amy Landon, the narrator for the upcoming Audiobook for The Life Engineered joins them to explain how it all goes down.

Don't miss this fantastic interview where Paul asks smart questions and JF doesn't. Learn about Audiobooks and about Amy's career. Then go hire her for your next project. Because she's awesome.

Episode 38 - Shellfish Christmas Tree by jean-francois dubeau

The boys celebrate the holidays! JF summons forth the ghosts of Christmas past (joys and regrets of 2016), present (hopes and dreams for future publishing success) and future (resolutions for 2017).

A fun little episode where the guys just chill and enjoy each other's company while chatting about the past year and how it builds into what the future might hold.

Literally Paul's Christmas tree

Literally Paul's Christmas tree

Episode 37 - Alas Drinkshares... by jean-francois dubeau

The guys have guests for what is essentially the wake of WriteBrain's rebellious sister show: Drinkshares Last Call. But never fear! DLC will be like the Phoenix reborn! JF and Paul have Bekki and Christine on to tell us all about their ambitious plans along with more about them, their books, hopes and dreams. Bonus: They inject a little of the Drinkshares spirit into the show for a taste of what to expect from what the future holds...

Episode 36 - Agent up by jean-francois dubeau

Paul couldn't make it for this wonderful episode 36, but fear not gentle listeners, for JF is not left alone to have conversations with plush toys this time. Instead, he's kept in line by guest Sam Morgan from the JABerwocky literary agency.

Sam explains the job, purpose, care and feeding of a literary agent and gives us a great primer of what to expect from an agent, how best to approach one without spooking it away and some best practices for agent hunting.

Check out some of the books from authors represented by Sam.

Episode 35 - Podcast of the apprentice by jean-francois dubeau

This week the boys have a special guest in Jamison Stone. Turns out Paul and JF lied when they said episodes would get shorter. We had so much fun talking to Jamison about his book, his passion for cosplay, his audiobook and the events he attended that we went a little long.

I won't say it's required reading, but you should definitely pick up a copy of Jamison's book, Rune of the Apprentice. Oh, you've read it? Go review it on Amazon and Goodreads, etc.

Click the image! It leads to untold riches...

Click the image! It leads to untold riches...

Episode 34 - Writing is a marathon by jean-francois dubeau

Back again!

The boys are back and this week they talk about what kind of good habits you need to have if you want to be a steady and/or prolific writer. How do you get all those words out regularly if NaNoWriMo is going to be over in a few days. The answer is: NaNoWriMo is all the time and JF believes in magic.

Enjoy the show!

Episode 33 - AuthorPage.com by jean-francois dubeau

Writer, magician, podcaster, author of the Jessica Blackwood books, star of A&E’s ‘Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne’ and all around renaissance man; Andrew Mayne himself is our guest and he’s here to help YOU guys.

While we could talk to Andrew endlessly about his varied and fascinating career, it’s none of the achievements listed above that we wanted to talk to him about. Because being an award nominated tv star wizard isn’t enough, Andrew has also been working on a project for us, writers.

Join us for this episode where we discuss AuthorPage.com. A website where authors at all points in their career can build a site, share stories and build an audience.

But why read about it here when you can hear it from the man himself. Download the show and enjoy.

When you’re done, check out all of Andrew’s other projects at the links below.


weirdthings.com (Where you'll find more about the AfterThings podcast we discuss)




Episode 31 - We edit ourselves by jean-francois dubeau

Who are these two guys?

It’s the WriteBrain guys! They’re back! They don’t explain it in the podcast but JF has been extremely busy traveling to exotic but dangerous locals to feed and help the people that live there. Paul grew a beard. In short, they were both very busy. The important thing is: WriteBrain has returned.

Back but… different?

As times change so does WriteBrain. We’re one year in and it’s time for an overhaul. We’re going be focusing more on the art of writing and publishing but since we’re not experts, we’re going to try to make friends with some experts and have them on to help us out.

We’re also going to have more of our author friends come on and tell us about their books.

It’s gonna be a good time.

Episode 30 - Rise of the Late Podcast by jean-francois dubeau

This week, after yet another long hiatus, the boys have company. Brian Guthrie, author of Rise (out now!) joins the show to talk about his book, his inspirations and more importantly; how insane DragonCon is!

It's a great show and might just be the genesis of how WriteBrain shapes up in the future. The important thing to remember is to go pick up Rise or, if you already have it, go review it on Amazon, Goodreads and everywhere else!

Episode 28 - Special guest star : Adam GomOlin! by jean-francois dubeau

Inkshares is a changing and the last few weeks have seen some important upheaval for the company. One contest ends and another is already going on, but more importantly, there's someone new at the helm and we have him on the show to help answer some of YOUR questions about the direction of Inkshares and how it impacts your books.

The guys are honoured to have Adam Gomolin as a guest who shares with us about Inkshares, past, present and future.

NOTE: With Paul in Vegas and a ton of technical difficulty, it's a miracle we got this done at all. Thanks for you patience Adam!