Episode 26 - Alicia Smock by jean-francois dubeau

The boys have the end-of-contest jitters and talk about the last few books they haven't covered in the top 10 of the Nerdist Video Game contest. More importantly, they have the delightful Alicia Smock, previously from Examiner.com as a guest to help make the podcast more pleasant and answer a few questions. If you don't know Alicia, she's been doing amazing interviews with Inkshares authors as well as reviewing books. Now that Examiner.com is closing its doors, find out what's next for our intrepid reviewer!

Follow Alicia on Twitter or

Read her articles here!

Episode 25 - Worst. Show. Ever. by jean-francois dubeau

JF is joined by Mr. Murloc in this mind-altering version of the show. Paul is on vacation and the original episode 25 has gone missing, so JF takes over as best he can and without a safety net. The results are horrifying. Still, talks about books and the Nerdist Collection contest along with his thoughts, rambling though they may be, on the Inkshares Properties App. 

Strap in... it's a weird one.

Mr. Murloc

Mr. Murloc

Episode 24 - Landon Crutcher by jean-francois dubeau

The guys have a guest! It's Landon Crutcher, author of Monkey Business and first to be published under the Quill Collection on Inkshares. Landon is a super fun guy to chat with and brought a lot of insight into his process an the origins of his book. We talk about his experience and the differences with the 'standard' Inkshares model. Paul and JF also dig deeper in to the books and campaigns of the Nerdist Video Game contest.

Landon's next project is called Black Cloud and from the description it sounds amazing. Follow it on Inkshares so you don't miss when the official campaign begins!

Do us a favour; if you've read Monkey Business, go review it on Amazon!

Episode 23 - Get your video gaming on by jean-francois dubeau

In this episode, Paul and JF make good on their promise to talk about other books in the current Nerdist Collection Contest and through their initial glance at the competition get really excited about all the promising novels on offer. The guys talk about Peter Ryan's Destiny Imperfect and the awesomely named Andrew Fantasia's novel; Side Scroller. Why don't you go pre-order a copy of each? They also offer themselves up as sacrifice to be the first to discuss their stories in the Too Many Controllers anthology.

Episode 20 - Of releases and funding by jean-francois dubeau

In this comparatively short episode, Paul and JF talk about the impending release of Ageless and how it feels to see your book show up in people's hands while celebrating the funding of A God in the Shed. What do these two things have to do in common? Community and the role it plays in getting your book out there.

What about book reviews? We didn't have time! However, here are a couple of books nearing their funding deadline that you should absolutely check out before you miss your chance:

Episode 18 - Asteroid Made of Dragons by jean-francois dubeau

In this episode, Paul and JF talk to their honoured guest; G. Derek Adams about his upcoming book, Asteroid Made of Dragons. The guys ask Derek the usual battery of interview questions with a few curveballs to keep thing interesting.

Asteroid Made of Dragons is officially released on April 5th and WriteBrain thinks you should get a copy. It's a great book. In fact, JF already gives it his seal of approval... for what that's worth.

Episode 17 - An Unattractive Vampire by jean-francois dubeau

On this episode Paul and JF have a special guest: Jim McDoniel, author of the just released An Unattractive Vampire, second book released as part of the Sword & Laser Collection on Inkshares. The guys discuss Vampires, launching a book and to everyone's relief, JF's mic dies midway through the show. Everyone lived happily ever after. (Seriously, sorry for the bad audio. It is JF's fault)

Check out our book picks for this episode and pick up a copy of An Unattractive Vampire immediately! Read it as fast as possible and then go review it. Go! Go! Go!

Episode 16 - It's all about JF by jean-francois dubeau

JF is back from his cruise and from his book launch. That's right; The Life Engineered is out in the wild and the guys talk about the lead-up to the launch along with the release itself. We apologize for the lack of episodes and the wonky schedule recently but as we learned, launching a book is a lot of work and will disrupt a normal human being's schedule. JF in particular has been busy being on a list of other podcasts, all of which are worth your ears.

Episode 15 - Drunk by jean-francois dubeau

In this episode, Paul gets an earful of the mistakes that JF has made on his trip to San Francisco. The boys discuss two books on Inkshares: Single Version by Scott T. Barsotti (JF apologizes for ranting about your video Scott. He just wants what's best for you) and Lies and Deception by André Brun. Both are great looking books and deserve your support right... now.

If they guys sound a bit drunk by the end it's because they're out of practice, not because either was inebriated. So they claim.

Episode 14 - The Mothership by jean-francois dubeau

Where the magic happens...

Where the magic happens...

On a very special episode of WriteBrain (one that Paul had a hell of a time editing), J-F visits the Mothership. A.K.A.: The Inkshares offices in San Francisco. Instead of the standard format, listen to the guys do their usual banter with occasional interruptions from the Inkshares people as we learn more about the awesome people who make this amazing company work. 

J-F invested in a trip to San Francisco, just before the SuperBowl so he could have the privilege of signing copies of The Life Engineered for his backers. One thing he learned dear friends; signing takes a lot more time to do than you'd think (think 100 copies/hour) and he spent too many hours goofing off and eavesdropping on Jeremy, Avalon, Matt and the rest.

Behold: the whiteboard of awesome!

Behold: the whiteboard of awesome!

Learn with us how the proverbial sausage is made. It's a fascinating story for readers and writers alike.


On a personal note, I really want to thank the Inkshares crew for being so hospitable and allowing me the leeway to finish signing and numbering all the books for backers. It's quite a thrill to see the boxes of books and feel the electricity in the air as these guys do their job.

I was fortunate enough to be there when Dracula vs. Hitler hit its funding goal and witness the liquid excitement that flooded the office. If there ever was a doubt that Inkshares loves books and loves the books they work on, it is completely dissipated now.

So cool to be surrounded by these boxes.

So cool to be surrounded by these boxes.

Such an amazing feeling...

Such an amazing feeling...

Again, thank you so much Inkshares for everything you did to make The Life Engineered a reality. However, as I've learned during my visit: We're barely getting started.


They made me part of the team for the day and let me sit at the adult table!

They made me part of the team for the day and let me sit at the adult table!

My signature and handwriting did not remain very consistent I'm afraid.

My signature and handwriting did not remain very consistent I'm afraid.

Episode 12 - John Robin by jean-francois dubeau

In this one, Paul and JF interview John Robin, author of the upcoming Inkshares novel Blood Dawn, moderator of the Inkshares Writer's forum on Goodreads, hyper-active member of the Inkshares community and all around awesome guy. Come listen and discover the myriad ways John has helped build the writers community on Inkshares and help other writers towards their goal.

It's the first time there's a third chair on the podcast... and it shows.

Episode 11 - Launch Parties by jean-francois dubeau

JF broke his promise of a new marketing initiative, but he has a good excuse; he needs to start thinking about the launch for The Life Engineered. The guys discuss launch parties. You can find the awesome article they refer to, by the amazing Marie Bilodeau, here. JF also reveals something of his mysterious past during his review of How to Get Run Over by a Truck while Paul goes deep about his love of tacos in his review of Tacocity: Los Angeles Through the Eyes of a Tacophile.

Episode 9 - Goodbye single digits! by jean-francois dubeau

JF and Paul say goodbye to 2016! Kidding! We didn't even realize this was the last episode of the year. They talk about the psychological no-man's land that sits between final approvals and a book's release as well as some of the coolest things going on and review a couple of books that you should look at pre-ordering.

Since we don't mention it in the episode: Happy New Years everyone! Thanks for all your support.

Episode 8 - Review-a-thon! by jean-francois dubeau

No episode this week. Instead, we have something special: the audio from the Google Hangout we did for the Inkshares Review-a-thon.

Join Paul and JF as they interview Inkshares authors, do an audio play based on Dax Harrison (recently funded book on Inkshares), chat with Gary Whitta and read some reviews left for books during the Review-a-thon.

Buckle in, it's a long one.