Daniel, the inspector's son is the ideal young man living an ideal life. However, his father's actions peel back layers revealing a much more troubled past and consequences that have waited his whole life to come back and haunt him.

Meanwhile, Venus McKenzie has inadvertently trapped the all powerful, malevolent creature that the entire village seems to be hunting, but she has no idea what it is or what to do with it.

Part 'Stand by Me', part 'Call of Cthulhu', A God in the Shed invites you to visit the minuscule village of Saint-Ferdinand where three generations of residents have been dealing with the presence of an ancient and increasingly malevolent god.

reviews for A God in the Shed

  • Criminal Element: great review: "Dubeau is a talented storyteller, and fans of horror, thrillers, and mysteries would all find something to sate their thirst in this book."

  • Dread Central: book giveaway and release announcement: “J-F. Dubeau’s gripping horror novel A God in the Shed was released today, and we have a whopping 25 SIGNED copies to give away courtesy of Inkshares!”

  • Fantasy Faction rave review: “It’s Stephen King’s It meets Jeepers Creepers..I’d definitely recommend A God in the Shed to readers of dark fantasy, and of course, horror. It’s a great mix of fresh and established concepts and could signal the arrival of a new bold voice in the world of fiction that makes you so scared you could pee you pants."

  • Wicked Horror amazing review: “If you’re looking for some summer reading that is both unsettlingly gory and a fascinating supernatural mystery, you need to pick up A God in the Shed. Dubeau showcases his great imagination...something readers need to experience for themselves.”

  • Grim Reader review: “I rarely get creeped out by books, but there were scenes inside this that made my skin itch. A highly original novel and one I will remember for a long time.”

What people are saying about A God in the Shed

  • "Move over True Detective. In A God in The Shed, J.F. Dubeau creates such a rich, gothic story of murder and mystery, it's quite possibly one of the most enthralling and entrancing novels I've read in the last ten years." --Jerry Smith of Fangoria Magazine and Blumhouse.com

  • "A God in the Shed is a masterful work of mystery, a suspenseful cornucopia of carnage and terror." --Ken Artuz, Founder and Editor for DecayMag

  • "Don't start reading if you have something important to do because you won't be able to put it down. A God in the Shed puts a thoroughly enjoyable preternatural spell on its reader." --Tom Merritt, cofounder of Sword & Laser, and author of Pilot X

  • "An utterly terrifying atmospheric thriller, with God in the Shed author, J.F. Dubeau rightfully creates a worthy space for himself next to the likes of Stephen King, Dan Simmons, Richard Laymon and others." –Farid-ul-Haq, TheGeekiary.com

  • "This novel puts a wily, sometimes ghastly, twist on the “small-town conspiracy” genre, and what a secret this little village keeps, perhaps protecting humanity from the ultimate unspeakable evil." –VOYA Magazine

  • "Rarely are we so enthralled, surprised and riveted by a story as original as this. A God In The Shed is a thrilling can't-put-down horror masterpiece that keeps you on the edge of your seat with each wild twist. Morphing from disturbing mystery into supernatural horror, J.F. Dubeau sets up a richly compelling mythology within the frame of a detective novel. His Stephen King scare-ability and thriller instincts had us flying through chapters with acted breath. Thoroughly engrossing from the first page, we'll be eagerly awaiting more!" --Crypt TV

  • “A God in the Shed is a terrifying odyssey into the heart of man’s deepest desires and darkest wishes. A haunting and sinister Jinn tale by way of Lovecraft. J.F. Dubeau’s setting of Saint-Ferdinand is a mysterious and perverse slice of small town life that will chill you to your core. It walks the line between horror and macabre fantasy. Along the way, Dubeau distinguishes himself as one of the most original voices in the genre today. A gorgeously gruesome imagination. Yes, he is voice to be read, but perhaps more so, a writer to be watched." —Anthony Cipriano, creator of Bates Motel

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