Episode 33 - AuthorPage.com / by jean-francois dubeau

Writer, magician, podcaster, author of the Jessica Blackwood books, star of A&E’s ‘Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne’ and all around renaissance man; Andrew Mayne himself is our guest and he’s here to help YOU guys.

While we could talk to Andrew endlessly about his varied and fascinating career, it’s none of the achievements listed above that we wanted to talk to him about. Because being an award nominated tv star wizard isn’t enough, Andrew has also been working on a project for us, writers.

Join us for this episode where we discuss AuthorPage.com. A website where authors at all points in their career can build a site, share stories and build an audience.

But why read about it here when you can hear it from the man himself. Download the show and enjoy.

When you’re done, check out all of Andrew’s other projects at the links below.


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