JF Dubeau has been working the graphic design and marketing racket for over twenty years, but the telling of stories has always been a thing, gnawing at the back of his brain, chewing towards the first opening it could find.

After trying comics, role playing games, improv and any and every form of expression, it's through writing novels that the stories are finally finding a voice.

Jumping from Science Fiction to Horror, J-F.'s preferred genre is less about the limits of a particular sandbox than the castles he can build within. The only thing that matters are the characters and what slice of their lives to explore. 

Miniatures painting

Another way through which J-F builds his narratives is the assembly and painting of war gaming miniatures. While not the best painter and easily one of the worst strategists, he has won a few awards for the look and themes of his models.

JFDubeau BW cropped.jpg