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The Eldritch Age - volume 3 - page 19

The Eldritch Age - volume 3 - page 19

There we go. Everyone's going to the same place and embarking on a journey together. 60 pages to get my characters together. Seems... long? 

Alright, let's cut to the chase. Friends, if you don't already know, I like to fancy myself a writer. I wrote a book called The Life Engineered and self published it. Now, I'm trying to get it properly published through the crowdfunding platform; Inkshares.

As of today, I have another 84 days to gather 1000 pre-orders for The Life Engineered and get it printed and distributed like a real book. However, if I'm in the top five in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, I'll also get some coaching from Gary Whitta and The Life Engineered will be the first book in the Sword & Laser Collection on Inkshares. If you understand what that means, then you understand how important that is to me. If you don't understand, just think of it as a career changing situation.

o how can you help? Simple; pre-order my book. "But I'm poor and don't want to spend money on your stupid book?" you ask. Or perhaps you're thinking; "JF, you moron! I already bought your book!". Well, calm down fictional reader. There's a way to pre-order a copy of The Life Engineered for free.

Just sign up on Inkshares and wait. After five minutes you should get an email informing you that you have 5$ credit. Then, go on Inkshares and share my book on social media. That'll get you another 5$ credit. With that 10$ credit you can pre-order my book without spending one miserly cent.

Yes, this is important to me. I will be harping on this non-stop until I get all the pre-orders I need or the campaign is over. So help shut me up faster and go pre-order my damn robot book!

Huh... thanks.