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The Eldritch Age - volume 3 - page 17

The Eldritch Age - volume 3 - page 17

So Kraythur is willing to throw Ydriss to the dragons just for some information? Don't worry. the Master of the Eldritch Lodge of the Academy of Eldritch Sciences and Studies (or is it Studies and Sciences?) has tricks up his sleeve.

Awwww yeah! I'm getting back on track. I don't want to say I have a buffer yet but I've been slowly creeping back on top of my many, many artistic responsibilities since Adepticon. I'm even looking at upgrading the site again. I mean look at this thing. I'm a designer for Ceiling Cat's sake. This is embarrassing.

More about that as I get close to actually doing something.

In other news, I'll be recording another episode of the SciFi Geeks Club as a guest host tomorrow night. I hear the subject is going to be radio plays. Should be fun. I'll let you all know when it's out.