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The Eldritch Age - volume 3 - page 22

The Eldritch Age - volume 3 - page 22

I struggled and struggled to find a ship name. I was looking for something clever and intelligent but I couldn't settle on anything that wasn't a boring cliche. In the end, I decided to settle on a name that is just stupid enough to be made fun of in the story but slightly off colour so that I can give it a sordid back story.

Oh... and this is the last page of Volume 3. I'm a bit buzzed that I'm finally hitting the beginning of the last volume of the first tome. On the other hand, I am dramatically behind on my goal of having Tome 1 finished and printed for the end of July. The problem is; I've been busy.

I'm still hip deep into my Inkshares campaign. It's going well (at the time of this writing), but I'm hoping it will be going even better soon as I unleash a book trailer. What needs to be understood is that while I'm not an awesome artist, I do cut corners to illustrate The Eldritch Age (to my chagrin). So when i say that I did a video of myself doing art, it's not the catastrophe one might expect but at the same time it's not an artistic revolution captured on video.

Still, I should be releasing it tomorrow morning. Keep an eye on my Facebook to know when it's up. Until then, if you haven't supported the campaign, why not check it out and pre-order a copy?