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The Eldritch Age - volume 3 - page 15

The Eldritch Age - volume 3 - page 15

Urestrians, for those who want to know, are Bear Riders. Victory is a city North of Meridian where, it's assumed, Gryphon Riders hang out. You can even see Victory on the map of the North West in the 'About' page. I'm just saying this so you know I'm not pulling these out of my rear.

I've committed to a project that will force me to get that 'About' page filled out very nicely by the middle of July. I'm not going to prioritize character bios however in favour of building up the world a little and letting you guys know more about the North West and the various cultures and people who inhabit it. There's no point in keeping too much under wraps as most of the reveals about the world have come and gone and it will make for a richer story if the world is better defined. This way I can focus Narra's efforts on more obscure tidbits of lore.

Finally, I'm looking at ways to 'monetize' the comic a little. Not exactly cut a profit but at least allow this project to pay for itself and maybe get extra perks out of it, like prints and such. I'd like to grow the audience and build more of a community. Maybe it's late and I'm tired but I think this would be cooler if there was more discussion about it. These are all pipe dreams for the moment. I don't plan on doing anything until I have the first Tome finished which won't happen until much later this year anyways.

No harm in dreaming though, right?