A nice trip / by jean-francois dubeau

The Eldritch Age - volume 2 - page 9

The Eldritch Age - volume 2 - page 9

First battle, short as it may be, in the nascent but ongoing saga of the Eldritch Age is coming along. I'm going to have to illustrate more fights in the future and I really need to get my illustration and storytelling chops for such narratives before I get to the really climatic conflicts. I want those to be spectacular and complex and fun and memorable. Also, predictably these fights may involve dragons. So there's that.

On September 19th I'm leaving for a three week trip to Europe for scotch and gaming. It'll be awesome and exhausting and inebriating and a break I desperately need. It also will have absolutely NO impact on the comic. The pages for that period are already loaded and ready to go and assuming I didn't break anything should update seamlessly. 

Hopefully things will calm down enough after that so I can look at adding more to the 'About' section. I'm thinking it's high time I put some character biographies of the main protagonists, don't you?