Egg Snatchers by jean-francois dubeau

The Eldritch Age - volume 1 - page 15

The Eldritch Age - volume 1 - page 15

Gobbos are back!

Some house keeping: I have some plans for the website, obviously. However, at the moment I'm working on building a decent backlog of pages to make sure that, despite going on vacation in fall and taking November off to work on other project, the slow progress of the story does NOT get interrupted. As soon as I get a few weeks of backlog in the can, I'll be adding some background info as promised.

Until then, let me try to sneak in some of the lore of the story into these logs. This week, Gobbo names!

Gobbos aren't very intellectually sophisticated, so their names reflect very little more than a role or characteristic that they embody within their own limited society. Of the three Gobbos we've met so far, the leader with the large jaw and clenched teeth is Gnash. The fat one trying to pick up the dragon egg in this page is Puke, because... well, he's repulsive. The quiet one in the back that looks like a psychopath is called Pork. Because... I'm hoping he likes to eat bacon.