Very quick one / by jean-francois dubeau

Happy with the mischievous look on her face.

Went to see Star Trek tonight. That's my excuse for such a quick sketch. Speedy it might have been, I'm satisfied with the results. I should play with that style more maybe?

The movie was good. Better than good; excellent. I have to hand it to J.J. Abrams, he managed to capture what was core to the series and give every character the amount of screen time he deserved. He was threading hallowed ground with this movie and was obviously aware of it through his efforts. Without going into details, the movie manages to retell a story without retelling it.

Also, anyone doubting that Abrams can handle Star Wars needs to see this film. The first act contains a scene that with very little imagination could be transplanted directly into A New Hope and feel right at home there. It almost feels like the man was stretching his muscles to see if he could handle the style properly. To which I say: Nailed it.