So tired... by jean-francois dubeau

Today I climbed a small mountain, mowed a huge lawn, flew an RC plane for the first time and painted models. I was hoping it wouldn't keep me from doing a decent sketch but...

Well, you be the judge.

Reminder: you can make sketch requests on Twitter @jfdubeau, #sketchaday

Sometimes I make real artwork from cool sketches. So there's that.


The Tweeter by jean-francois dubeau

Today, and for as long as I keep doing daily sketches, I'm opening up the feature to viewer requests. The catch however is that, in a transparent grab for followers, I'm only accepting these requests from Twitter. The process is simple, starting at this very moment, anyone who follows me @jfdubeau can reply me their request over Twitter. Each day when I sit down to do my daily sketch I'll look at the requests from since my last post and pick one. If a request keeps popping up I'll give it more attention unless I've already done it in the past. 

The goal is twofolds; to make the feature more interactive and fun for myself and anyone who enjoys it and to attract more followers.

Now, why do I need more followers? Simply put, if I ever want to publish a book, whether through a publisher or by my own means, I need to have an audience. That audience must be composed of people who enjoy what I do creatively. Sketches and writing are those things and I'm trying to attract, slowly at first, as many people as possible.

Hopefully this feature doesn't fall flat. Remember; the more successful dumb little things like that are, the easier it becomes for me to come up and develop more interesting and involved free content for you.