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The Eldritch Age - volume 3 - page 1

The Eldritch Age - volume 3 - page 1

Well, there's a first for everything.

Now, I realize that I had promised to release every page on Wednesday, every Wednesday. I also realize that this page has been released on a Wednesday. However, it was not released 'early' on Wednesday. That bothers me. So let me apologize for the late page. It's been one nightmare of a week so far with no sign of slowing down. On the plus side, I should have a few more hours each day to work on projects so I might actually be able to get some of the features of this site done as I have been promising for months.

That being said, it is with great pleasure that I bring to you the first page of the third volume of The Eldritch Age. I am beside myself with joy at being able to draw my three main characters together at last. This is going to be an exposition heavy volume friends so brace yourself for a few months of info-dump. That being said, it's just the setup for the final chapter of the first Tome of this story, Volume 4 of the Eldritch Age has action, dragons, gobbos, big guns and adventures on the high seas!

This is one of my favourite things to work on and I really hope you guys are enjoying it. If you are, feel free to plug it to anyone you think might also like it. I would greatly appreciate that.