Mad Dragon Rider Skills / by jean-francois dubeau

The Eldritch Age - volume 2 - page 7

The Eldritch Age - volume 2 - page 7

It was mentioned to me that some of the action in the comic could stand to be a little more dynamic with movements that were more obvious and in your face. This page is my first faltering step towards improving this. I'm not unhappy with it, but knowing now how other pages in the future turned out, I can say that it's something that improves with time. The odd thing is that the results improve the less thought goes into the art. Later pages have better movement because I threw myself into sketching out exaggerated poses instead of carefully planning logical skeletons and trying to get each piece of the body to make sense. Instinctive curves and angles do a lot more to convey the narrative of action than premeditated logic. At least for my art style as it were.

Holy Cat! In a little more than three weeks I'll be leaving the country, nay, the continent on a three week tour of distilleries, historical sites and gaming... places. Anyways, for three weeks I will not be interacting with this site.

But fear not gentle readers: I've got enough pages banked that the comic will update as per usual at the same day and time as it has since the launch, including wordy blog posts. Hopefully, all goes smoothly with the system and the content will populate as intended.