The Dragon Rider by jean-francois dubeau

The Eldritch Age - volume 2 - page 19

The Eldritch Age - volume 2 - page 19

The good news is: The page is done. The bad news is.... I squeezed it in at the very last moment. Welcome to November 2014: the craziest month of my life.

This is an important page because it's he first time I get to feature all three of my main characters in the same page. It took two whole volumes and nearly forty pages to get here but there we are. Happy with it. So eager for Volume 3. I shouldn't get ahead of myself though. Two more pages of this volume and another visit from the Exposition Fairy.

Another important announcement: holy crap! My book is out! The Life Engineered is my self published sci-fi book. Click the title to get more info but do it today (November 19th) to get it for free. The book has so far spiked briefly as number one in the free science fiction ebooks ranking of Amazon.ca and number 11 in the free adventure science fiction ebooks rankings of Amazon.com. So far over 250 copies have been donated. Get your copy before I'm forced by the powers that be to ask for money. You waited too long? Awww... don't worry, it's still just 2.99$.

Finally, if you buy and read my book and somehow liked it, go review it and rejoice in knowing that I'm writing a sequel for it during NaNoWriMo which is the other thing consuming all of my time.

Busy month this November, but so much goddamn fun.