Exposition Fairy

narra: THE EXPOSITION FAIRY - Buttons by jean-francois dubeau


Look, it's a page. There's a fairy in it and she talks about buttons. Ain't that awesome?

Aight, now that this is out of the way, let's talk about something serious. This coming Sunday is the last day of the Sword & Laser Collection Contest on Inkshares. I need to be in the top five places for pre-orders in the Science Fiction and Fantasy section. I can't do it. WE can do it. You haven't pre-ordered? Sign up to Inkshares by clicking here to get 10$ credit allowing you to get the book for free. This isn't the Kindle version of my book some of you might already have. This is going to be a brand new edition in 3D, fully tactile physical form. A bona fides hard copy. Once you have your 10$ credit, clicking on the link on the right and pre-order The Life Engineered.

"Why should I do that?" you ask... you cheeky... 'cause it's a free book!

Okay, okay.. fine. If you pre-order before the 31st of May I will keep you name in a list on my phone for the rest of my life and if we meet in person I will give you a signed print of a robot I drew for the promotion of my book campaign. 

Not enough? What does it take to sate your hunger?!?

One more thing then; I'm working on a model of one of the robots from the book. If it turns out looking good I'll be raffling it off to the people who have pre-ordered the book before May 31st. You guys know I can model decently. You can see some of the robot art below, decide for yourself if this is worth the 0$ it's going to cost you to help me out to reach my goal. (hint: it is).

And hey, if you've already pre-ordered, why don't you force your friends and family to pre-order it to? Y'know, REALLY support the arts.


The robot I'm making a model of.

The robot I'm making a model of.

An example of the robot illustrations you could have a signed print of should we meet in person

An example of the robot illustrations you could have a signed print of should we meet in person