Step One / by jean-francois dubeau

So far, I've received one very thorough and expert review of my book from one source as well as some preliminary comments from another. This has been enough to get started on the road to a final product. I've built a plan based on the more complete evaluation and will integrate any further comments I feel relevant into it as I go along. Gotta strike that iron while it's hot.
The first step on this journey has been to take my prologue (I initially called it a preface but was told that I had the wrong terminology. I learned something new!) and make it part of the main story. Mostly because, as far as prologues go, it didn't do it's job of introducing the story very well. I've also been reviewing and rewriting parts of what is now my new first chapter to make it quicker to the point and more engaging.
It's been an interesting experience, going over the text and tightening the bolts on the narrative. I could see myself doing that over and over for weeks just to make that one chapter as perfect as possible. The problem, as i see it, is drawing the line between 'perfecting my story' and 'avoiding moving forward'. Especially if I end up doing this for all twenty one chapters.
Thankfully, I have two very good incentives to encourage me onwards; writing the sequel to the book has been very entertaining and I'm eager to go back to it, and the more clever amongst you may have noticed that I'm now lacking a prologue. I have a few ideas what I want to do with that and can't wait to play with the options.