Who am I

By profession, I'm a graphic designer. I've always been somewhat good with images and visual communications and I've been making my living using those skills for nearly two decades. I'm pretty good at it. Especially branding and integrated design. It puts a roof over my head and food on the table.

...and I really don't like doing it that much.

By vocation, I'm a story teller. For as long as I can remember, I've been trying to tell stories. Comics, role playing games, even through illustrations, my focus has always been on narratives, characters, plots and tales. A few years ago I started writing long form fiction and novels.

... and I really can't stop doing it anymore.

What is 'The Eldritch Age'

The Eldritch Age is a webcomic that I've been developing for a year or so. It's the easy to access, free of charge story that I want to tell people. It's my gift to you, if you're interested. A way to introduce myself and get some practice writing, drawing and building an audience. I have some pretty cool plans for the characters and places I want to take the story that I think will be fun for me as the writer and creator and you as the reader.

Miniatures War Gaming

One of my passion in the past decade and a half has been miniature war gaming. It is another way through which I love to build narratives. Not only do I get to play cool 'tactical' board games, but I can customize my models, give them back stories and write backgrounds for whole armies of soldiers and monsters. While I'm nowhere near the best at painting these models, I do pretty well for myself none the less.

Adepticon Comics

Miniature War Gaming has also given me the opportunity to write small comics for my team when we visit the awesome Adepticon Gaming Convention. Yet another way for me to tell stories.